DIANE SHERRY CASE Diane began acting as a child and has appeared in over 50 television episodes and commercials (including two Superbowl commercials.) She played Julie Andrew’s sister in the film Hawaii, sang with Bing Crosby as his daughter in a television series, did The Seagull on stage with Sean Penn, and was the very first Lana Lang (Superman, The Movie) As the father of her daughters, Peter Case, was a touring musician, she retired from acting to raise her children, only to return in 2014 in the role of a therapist whose specialty is rap musicians in Rene Villar-Rios film 2 Cool. Inspired by the playwrights she studied while working with legendary acting coach Peggy Feury, Diane began to write fiction. Her short fiction has been widely published in literary magazines as well as the anthologies American Fiction, Unnatural Disasters: Recent Writings from the Golden State, and most recently Love Magick. Her first novel Elephant Milk won Best Novel in the Next Generation Indie Awards. She awaits publication of her second novel, Earth To Skye. Her combined experience as an actress and writer earned her a grant from the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women. The resulting short film, adapted from her story Spa-tel, became official selections in 27 Film Festivals. She also wrote and directed Valentine's Day, inspired by a Steve Earle song, which she was given permission to use in the film. When a young star fell in love with main character in Elephant Milk, Diane adapted the novel to a screenplay. Shortly afterwards, she came up with the idea for a television series entitled House Poor, and proceeded to write, produce and direct the pilot. She is currently working on the screenplay
LA Night with director Rene Villar-Rios.
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